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The Opportunity

Research by the Harvard Business Review indicates that during economic recessions business leaders who run progressive companies, skillfully manage budgets, treat employees fairly and are transparent about threats and opportunities, pull their companies through the down times successfully. Many are able to thrive.

Other companies survive and grow through corporate restructure and culture change.

According to a summary of over 40 research studies on change, the success rate of corporate change programs is 33%. This means that two thirds of change efforts fail.

What we have learned about restructure and culture change is that people who have power don’t like to surrender it voluntarily. This means that some senior staff will resist change.  This training program teaches you to shift this.

This is especially true of leaders who have been charged with system monitoring, but fear change and are not good communicators. Also, change imposed on the rank and file is often resisted. This training program shows you how to shift this, too.

Therefore, strategy execution is critical to change action planning.  This training program shows you how.

You will learn:

1. The 3 Steps for Effective Change to Successfully Occur

2. How to Engage the Emotional Commitment of Senior Executives

3. What Engages Employees to Champion the Process

4. How to Anchor the Change Simply and Easily

There is no reason why change efforts should drag on over a series of years.

In This 30-Minute Immediate Access Recorded Training, You Be Able to Identify:

  1. The components of a catalytic process with commitment and engagement as desired outcomes.
  2. How to develop a common understanding of the behaviors required to enhance cooperation during and after change execution.
  3. The number one point of leverage to use during the change change process that builds momentum, sustain commitment and drives results remarkably fast.

Publicity photo on black backgroundPresenter: Dianne Crampton, M.A. & Founder of TIGERS® Success Series

Dianne works with self-motivated consultants, trainers and independent project managers who LOVE what they do but are stuck on a constant hunt for clients. They are stuck working at the staff level when they know real change happens with senior management. Perhaps they feel isolated with no one to bounce ideas off of, get support from or collaborate with.

TIGERS® provides a suite of consulting tools and training that’s compatible with collaborative work design. We love to elevate a consultant’s work from break room to the Board room; turning one time clients into ALL time clients. Our nurturing community supports members to build a scalable business as big as they want, while offering creative opportunities and a sense of connection.

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