Avoid 3 Mistakes New Team Consultants Make That Stunt Business Growth and Income

Complimentary Webinar

What separates successful and seasoned Project Managers and Management Consultants who deploy team building activities as part of their core offerings from those that are not successful?

The answer lies in the strategies team builders have put in place that separates them from unsustainable practices that lock them in to working with uncommitted leaders who do not value and appreciate their work.

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Webinar Details

In this complimentary business development Webinar for Human Resources Executives who are contemplating starting a new consulting practice, Business Coaches, Trainers and Project Managers, you will discover 3 serious mistakes that keep them from working with good clients on a regular basis, earning good fees and being brought back to work with more teams  —  over and over.  More importantly you are going to discover how to avoid these mistakes so you can grow your business in a sustainable, scalable and successful way.

In this recorded live Webinar Participants will:

  • Lean practical strategies for high client retention.
  • Be shown how to avoid common mistakes that undervalue their work and status.
  • Understand how to be more effective in their critical client sales process.
  • Recognize the vast benefits of having a client acquisition and retention business plan that resolves roller coaster income cycles.

So select the date and time where you can carve out 90 minutes
to learn practical and actionable strategies that will start making a difference in
your business right away.  


According to a Harvard Business Review Study organizations with over 100 employees now accomplish their work through groups. We now believe it is an opportune time to thrive in this dynamic field. And you can thrive with the proper systems in place that elevate your status and separate you from others who continue to make the same mistakes.